Welcome to the Air Adventure Flying Club - Aircraft Booking System - S.Q.U.A.W.K.


The Air Adventure Flying Club will be celebrating 10 years of flight training, 10 years of aircraft rental and 10 years of happy pilots. Being one of the biggest flying clubs in South East Asia, the Air Adventure Flying Club is ready to celebrate this occasion.


In just 10 years the AAFC has attracted and provided for more than 500 members for flight training and leisure flying, sunrise to sunset 365 days a year. Well that is if the DCA is not grounding us....


As of March 1, 2018 for bookings, please contact your flight/ ground instructor or Ms. CP to add the desired training flights or ground lessons to the system. As S.Q.U.A.W.K. is in the infant stages you will not be able to do these bookings just now.


Just when you are about to ask, captain CV aka adv 262 came up with this catchy name and ..... it stands for:


Scheduling - QUality - Adventures - With - Knowledge


Flight record and ground class records: we are in the final stages to have these amazing possibilites put into the system, ensuring that with a click of the mouse we have all flight records and flight instructor ratings for this particular training flight. Also the ground classes will be recorded based on your schedule with Sebastian. 


Thanks to Faheem, aka adventure 264 and his friends in Pakistan, we are now truely on-line.

Faheem has left Malaysia on 21/1/2018 to persue his carrier in Ireland, we wish him all the best, he will be with us everytime we make a booking for students.



wishing you blue skies & happy landings







Not a member yet, already a license holder or want to learn to fly, call or email us and join us and spread your wings.

We operate Malaysian and US registered Cessna 172 as well as Cessna 150.