Welcome to the Air Adventure Flying Club - Aircraft Booking System - S.Q.U.A.W.K.


The Air Adventure Flying Club has passed its 11th year anniversary and has become the leading Flying Club in Malaysia. No other Club can boost to operate 4 training aircraft operating with 7 flight and ground instructors 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

You have come to the right location where we take your dreams and passion and make reality out of these by getting you your Private Pilot License.


For more inforntion of the Air Adventure Flying Club, please visit:




For those who have signed up already and are under traning wiht the AAFC, here is your easy and 24 hrs a day booking system that will get your ground classes as well as your flight traiing booked. You will be able to see when the aircraft as well as your instrutor is available to train the next syllabus in your journet towards your PPL.


We have for years used a ready available online booing system, and found that we needed more, a booking and training system that will allow you what will be next, keep you on track.


Just when you are about to ask, captain CV aka adv 262 came up with this catchy name and ..... it stands for:


Scheduling - QUality - Adventures - With - Knowledge


SQUAWK will not just take care of all your bookings, it will track all your ground classes, dates, times and subjects covered keeking you and your instructor right on track.

SQUAWK will also track your deposits and with a simple click you will be able to see all your transactions that you have with the club in the past, transparency is a big plus with this system.

SQUAWK will record all your flights in our online Pilot Logbook, all you need to do is to print out, present it to your flight isntrictor and have it signed and stamped once a month.

SQUAWK is also keeping track of your C of T, C of V, your medical as well as for students on the 12 month training period which starts with the first day of your written exam.



wishing you blue skies & happy landings



Andreas J. Walther





Not yet a member, we look forward to welcome you to the Club. As a member for life or just for a introduction flight. check our our One Day Pilot offers, call us and spread your wings.

We operate Cessna 172 as well as Cessna 150.