use FORMS and submit to AAFC

Welcome to FORMS

to make all our life easier we have created this section to submit to us what we need to submit to the CAAM.

For New SPL applications you need to download, ( where signature is required also to print out, scan and than upload and submit) fill up and submit to us the following:


1. Membership form

2. Secuirty Clearance for Non Malaysian

3. CAAM checklist

4. SPL application form that definatly needs to be signed....

5. Passport and workpermit or if a local IC.... 

6. and you need to have Passport pictures uploaded.... and 2 blue background 20mm x 32 mm license size picture brought to the office or mailed to me.

7. and we need to have the original medical and a scan uploaded to the system.


For all our members, please note that we have created this system to allow you to ensure that we have all the needed documents for further processing with CAAM and or Mava or other organisations. 

Please feel free to upload when you are changing passport, IC and address, or upgrade your license by yourself in CAAM.

This will be your file and we are happy to keep this for you.


 and there are many other forms, please look for the correct form, if in doubt call and check with me.


thank you and best regards



not clear on how to do? just send me a whatsapp and i guide you through this.....