Am I medically fit enough to fly ?

there are a number of approved medical examiner that will determine your condition and issue you with the medical class 2 certificate if you are good to fly. But here are some of the most asked questions:


- I am color blind - that is a problem and needs to be evaluated in detail with the experts

- I am deaf on one ear - again this is a show stopper and needs to be evaluated

- I wear glasses - this is not a problem as long you will carry a second set with you

- i have high blood preasure - let the medical examier make a decision if you are ok, dont just give up on your dreams.

- I am overweight - it is ok and not a problem, more than half of the world population is now overweight. 

- I am not fit at all - you should have some sort of fitness, if you are not fit, surely you can go to the park and do some excersise and get back into a reasonlable shape.


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